Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.


Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Mike and staff:

I could go into chapter and verse about how much I appreciate Duane’s hearing aids, maybe more than he does. On the ride home that day I mentioned that he had not said “What?” to me even once and by the end of day he had only asked me to repeat myself one time. That might even be excusable as we were outside and he was thinking about something else when I spoke. Outside he now hears the birds he did not hear before.

We rode in the car and I asked if the road noise was an issue. It was not. We have been to “taco Tuesday” at the local place and even there the TV and chatter was not a problem. We carried on a normal conversation. One night, while fixing dinner, I even went to check to see if he was sleeping in front of the TV as I could not hear it from the kitchen....a big change! He was actually watching with the volume in a normal range! He says he is having no problems adjusting to them and sometimes forgets they are there.

The only thing he has had trouble with is the computer “help” which is not something he finds helpful. It is not the program but the computer itself that is unfamiliar and difficult.

I have already recommended to my sister for her husband. I find it has been an attitude adjustment for ME as well. I was so tired of repeating that I just stopped saying things I knew would not get a reply.

So far, so good.

Thank you

Vicky P.

Dear Amanda and Mike, I’m not sure which I am most pleased with — my new hearing aids or advanced hearing and your family services. I was impressed from my first meeting,. To say I didn’t know what I’ve been missing for years because of my hearing loss is an understatement. What a thrill to be able to understand what people are saying and to actually "get" what is being said on TV! I’m sure my family and friends appreciate that also. My hearing aids are almost invisible and easy to put in and take care of and I am 81 with arthritis in my hands. Needless to say I like them.

Eleanor Gustafson

This is a family story — Jan (the mom), Sue (the daughter). Dave (the son). Sue had hearing loss plus a cricket sound in her right ear for years. She had to have surgery which did not solve the problem. Jan and Sue thought Dave had a mumbling problem. Dave said you two need hearing aids. Jan said to Sue, I will go and get tested if you will. An appointment was made with Deb, the receptionist at Advanced Hearing Aid Service. Mike Roush tested both of us and found hearing loss and thought he could help us. Therefore, today we all can hear again and Dave doesn’t mumble anymore.

This is the 4th set of hearing aids I have received from Advanced Hearing and the reason I have stayed with them is the service and their willingness to go that extra step. The first set did not work as they should and Mike made a special effort to obtain a set that I could use. The willingness to try different settings and the effort they make to see that you are satisfied have kept me coming back when my hearing changes. Thank you all at Advanced for helping me to hear better.

Ray Shackelford